Review of Bloodstream Single by Stateless

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Stateless Bloodstream Single

Stateless are a Leeds band that have been getting encouraging press with their self entitled debut album. There's no denying they have a unique style that fuses DJ Shadow style breaks with the mood and serenity of Radiohead. It creates a depth of sound that is enriching and soulful. 'Bloodstream' is one of the best singles on the album and definitely a good single to release. This track should propel this band into the mainstream or create royalties for them for a long time.

There is so much mood, soul and heartfelt emotion in this track. Chris James sings the lyrics with such meaning it's hard not to get moved by his words. The laid back drumming, very emotive keys, use of guitar and effects create a truly inspirational song. There's no doubt to me that this is a classic track and good to hear at such an early stage of a bands career. There's also Henrik Shwarz and Pilooski edits on this single. Excellent!

Tareck Ghoneim

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