Review of This Time Single by Starsailor

"This Time"


Starsailor This Time Single

When James Walsh and his band mates sold over 1 million copies of their debut record "Love Is Here", life must have been pretty cosy. It wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that the popularity of Coldplay and James Blunt would benefit the band, signalling a music climate favouring the laid-back side of rock, but last year's "On The Outside" album failed to see them reach the commercial success of their early years.

"This Time", the second single to be lifted from their latest record, shows no departures from the Starsailor sound. Built around a simple and captivating piano melody, it features a driving bass line and finds Walsh's vocals as distinctive as ever. It's a pleasant enough track, which fans of the band will love it, but few are likely to be converted. B-sides include the band's take on the Sugababes' chart topper, "Push The Button".

Alex Lai