Review of All The Plans Album by Starsailor

Review of Starsailor's album 'All The Plans' released through Virgin Records.

Starsailor All The Plans Album

Starsailor to me are one of those bands that you know about, but you probably couldn’t instantly bring up a track by them. You may have an album by them lurking somewhere in your house, because if they were in your kitchen cupboard they would be a bland basic. We’ve all got them...just in case.

However, their fourth album, ‘All The Plans’ exceeds my expectations. It’s a more mature sound, but I guess the band really should have grown up by now. Would you believe that they have actually been around for nine years? Yes and no!

Tell Me It’s Not Over’ is a good start to a new album, and does sort of fit in with the current trends we are seeing in music. OK so that’s being a bit safe, but it’s also common sense. I think there will be a hit from this track whether you like it or not. It’s a bit deep and dramatic in it’s own eighties way, there is a definite eighties twang in the vocals on this one.

‘Neon Sky’ has been raved about by critics. I’ll agree that is it is well put together, but it’s also it’s quite deep and low. This appears to be quite a trend within this album. It’s high then its low, it’s a bit bi-polar in some senses. It sort of works, but always has that slightly sedated feel.

Already converted Starsailor fans will probably find this a great step forward for the band in terms of their musical strength. It is certainly the best they have released so far, but it could make for a really bland show. It’s nice, but nothing special.

Laura Johnstone

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