Daniel Fleetwood, a terminally ill Star Wars fan, who was granted his dying wish to see The Force Awakens film last week, has died. The 32 year old Texan, who had an aggressive form of cancer that had spread to 90% of his lungs, was granted the chance to see the film months before it hits cinemas, after the social media campaign #forcefordaniel went viral.

Star Wars: The Force AwakensTerminally ill Star Wars fan Daniel Fleetwood has died, days after viewing The Force Awakens.

His wife Ashley, confirmed his death in a Facebook post on Tuesday, writing: “He passed in his sleep and in peace. He will always be my idol and my hero. Rest in peace my love. Daniel put up an amazing fight to the very end. He is now one with God and with the force.”

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Ashley also included a photo of the couple wearing #forcefordaniel T-shirts and added, “This was the last selfie we ever took together.” Fleetwood had been given just months to live when he was granted his wish to see The Force Awakens.

The campaign to allow Daniel to see the movie garnered support from Star Wars fans all over the world and even cast members including Mark Hamill, Peter Mayhew and newcomer John Boyega. Last week Ashley had confirmed that Daniel had seen the movie, wiring on Facebook: “Daniel just finished watching an unfinished version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens!!!”

“We would like to thank the awesomely talented [director] Jj Abrams for calling us yesterday to tell us Daniel was getting his wish granted,” On Thursday Mark Hamill had tweeted, ‘I just read this and am elated for Daniel & his family! Thanks to the powers-that-be for making his dream come true,’ after hearing Daniel had viewed a rough cut of the movie.

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Speaking to People magazine earlier this month, Fleetwood had said: “If I got to see the movie, I might actually die from happiness. Growing up, I would watch the movies over and over and analyse every little detail. I hope I get to see what happens.”