Disney and Lucasfilm have released a seven minute preview of the new animated series 'Star Wars: Rebels' ahead of its premiere in October.The clip, acting as a sort of extended teaser, is set on the planet Lothal as the Empire arrives and generally throws its weight around and oppresses the locals.

Star Wars RebelsStar Wars Rebels arrives after The Clone Wars was ceased mis-season

On first impressions, the new series is visually bright and retains authentic sounds from the original movie franchise, such as the roar of the TIE fighters, while the overall aesthetic appears reasonably faithful.

The new series arrives soon after the former animated Star Wars spin-off 'The Clone Wars' ceased virtually mid-season when JJ Abrams was announced as the director of the seventh Star Wars movie, due for release in December 2015. Fans were disgruntled at the abrupt end of that series, but 'Rebels' will at least serve to fill the gap in the market.

Star Wars RebelsWill Star Wars Rebels Succeed?

Executive Simon Kinberg told the official Star Wars website “it’s an intimate story… the opportunity is to create something for a new generation of Star Wars fans that also appeals to our generation that grew up loving it -- and still loves it."

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'Rebels' is set in the two decades before the third and fourth films, exploring the struggles of the Rebel Alliance as they attempt to escape the Empire. In the clip, we meet rebel Ezra, who is sensitive to the force, and a number of his friends in addition to the ‘cowboy Jedi’ Kanan Jarrus, voiced by Freddie Prinze, Jr.

'Star Wars: Rebels' will be unveiled with an hour-long telecast on the Disney Channel on an unconfirmed date in October, and after that will run on the Disney XD channel worldwide. The clip can be seen in full here.

Star Wars RebelsStar Wars Rebels will arrive in October

Star Wars Rebels
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