Obviously, for such an advanced piece of kit, the first hologram phones are going to be very expensive, but Panek confirmed that, like all new pieces of technology, the price range will fall as the technology become more widespread and available.What's more, he also confirmed that the company have big plans already and are already contemplating their next steps.

C3P0 R2D2
You might not need a R2D2-sized projector to display the images either

“It’s incredible. Ten years ago people would have been astounded at the idea of tablet devices but now they are everywhere," Panek continued. “It will be the same with holograms. It is still early days but we hope to sell hologram telephone devices within the next five years.”

Panek went on to claim that the technology LDS are working on may eventually develop in such a way that it becomes possible to display "fully holographic rooms," to be displayed using the technology. He added: “It is not impossible and, with the technology moving so fast, it is only a matter of time.”

The first models are expected to be sold at prices north of £1000, but the price will procede to drop as the technology becomes more widely available. You can find out more about the product at the Leia Display website.

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