The 'Star Wars' franchise officially joined the photo-sharing website Instagram, on Monday (Dec 2nd).

The first snap to be posted was a selfie from the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.

The caption of the photo humorously read, "Another day at the office. #StarWars #DarthVader #selfies #gpom."

At this moment the account has over 12,000 followers and will most definitely keep on increasing to greater numbers due to the franchise's legion of loyal fans.

Joining Instagram marks the beginning of lengthy promotional build-up until the release of the latest instalment, directed by J.J. Abrams, slated for December 18th 2015.

It will also serve the purpose of attracting a new audience demographic by attempting to introduce the space adventure franchise to a younger age group.

Other pictures posted on the account include Vader battling Luke Skywalker with the caption "Prepare for battle! #StarWars #BehindTheScenes #Latergram #Vadergram," and a Star Destroyer concept model from 'Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope'.

As well as directing the reboot, J.J. Abrams will also be penning the screenplay along with 'Empire Strikes Back' and 'Return of the Jedi' screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan.

Abram's took over the duty from Oscar winner Michael Arndt as he dropped out of the project.

The 47 year-old filmmaker is no rookie to epic sci-fi franchises as he directed the reboot 'Star Trek' in 2009 and its sequel 'Star Trek Into The Darkness' in 2013.

Abrams recently spoke to MTV News and discussed how he regretted attempting to hide the identity of Benedict Cumberbatch's character 'Khan' from the audience.

"The truth is, I think it probably would have been smarter just to say up front, 'This is who it is,'" he told MTV. "It was only trying to preserve the fun of it, and it might have given more time to acclimate and accept that's what the thing was."

Hopefully this means fans won't have to wait until the film is released to find out key details, and maybe the Instagram account will unveil some behind-the-scenes exclusives.