A stand-alone film concerning the back-story of Obi Wan Kenobi is set to be added to the ever-expanding Star Wars universe, according to new reports.

The Hollywood Reporter published an article on Thursday evening (August 17th) saying that the project was in the very early stages of development but has piqued the interest of Oscar-nominated director Stephen Daldry, who is currently in negotiations with Disney to helm the film. If he accepts, he is set to develop the script from the ground up with LucasFilm.

The Kenobi film joins a growing list of other rumoured spin-off movies from the main body of nine films, with projects concerning Yoda and Boba Fett also recently rumoured to be under consideration.

Star WarsAlec Guinness as Obi Wan Kenobi in 'A New Hope'

Rogue One, the first stand-alone project, grossed over $1 billion worldwide when it was released last Christmas, with the eighth main film The Last Jedi set for release this December.

The as-yet-untitled Han Solo project, which Ron Howard recently took over after Christopher Miller and Phil Lord were dropped as directors, is set for 2018.

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Obi Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker’s mentor, was played by Alec Guinness in the 1977 original film A New Hope, and then by Ewan McGregor in the prequel trilogy.

“There’s no official offer, and I haven’t met them about it or anything,” McGregor told Entertainment Weekly earlier in 2017, admitting that he’d like to reprise his role again.

“But I’ve always said that I’d be happy to do it if they wanted to do it. It would be a good segue between the last episode of the prequels and the new episodes. I think they’ve got films to make until the 2020s, so I don’t think it’s going to happen soon if it happens at all.”

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