Star Wars mastermind George Lucas cleverly made sure Hayden Christensen's DARTH VADER costume was restrictive in EPISODE III - REVENGE OF THE SITH, because he wanted the character to seem awkward.

The filmmaker made the famous black outfit and mask extra heavy, so that Christensen would have difficulty walking in it.

The Canadian actor says, "There is almost an awkwardness to his (Vader's) movements. He's not very well oriented in the costume yet or the mechanical suit, so it's not like when he's striving in Episodes IV, V and VI.

"I thought that was kind of neat. I told George that the costume didn't move quite right and it's a little rigid and it was difficult to walk because I had big lifts in the heels that compensates for the height difference.

"I was concerned how that was going to look and he said, 'It'll look like you've never done it before - and that's what I want.'"

16/05/2005 21:28