J.J Abrams has just excited the legion of Star Wars fans around the world after he confirmed the script for 'Episode VII' is complete.

The 47 year-old also revealed shooting will begin as early as May in England.

Abrams stopped by the Television Critics Association winter press tour to talk about his new NBC series 'Believe' this past Sunday (Jan 19th), and it wasn't long before the space film franchise became the center of conversation.

"That's the current plan," Abrams said, (via USA Today). "We have our script and we're full steam ahead. Have script, will travel."

The film maker wrote the script with Lawrence Kasdan, who also penned 'Star Wars: Episode V' and 'Episode VI', but did not divulge any plotline information or hints about the upcoming film.

"We can't talk about story yet," he said.

Abrams also chose not to discuss any information on the seventh instalment's characters or the cast, saying the fans will find out "soon, and I look forward to that so that we can get past it and we can get on with it."

However, The Wrap reports, 'J.J' has confirmed that they are in talks with Jesse Plemons, who is rumoured to have the lead, about a role in the film, although no additional information was released.

"He is one of the actors that we've talked to, yeah," Abrams said.

He also showed surprise that there were already reports on this, "But, you know. It's not often that I read about actors that I'm going to be meeting...that I get to read articles about actors who are going to come in," he said.

Adding, "And so I get to see someone and say, 'Oh, I read that I'm going to see you.' . It's usually agents talking to people about what's happening. It's a lot of noise."

The slated release date for 'Episode VII' is December 18th 2015.

Jesse Plemons
Jesse Plemons is rumored to have landed the lead role