The role of a young Han Solo has got to have been the most coveted part known to Hollywood, even taking James Bond into account, so it's difficult to imagine what the auditions might have been like. Luckily for us, we don't have to imagine because the latest 'Conan' sketch has done that for us.

Melissa McCarthyMelissa McCarthy auditions for Han Solo on 'Conan'

Ultimately, it was 26-year-old Alden Ehrenreich who landed the part of Han Solo, taking over from Harrison Ford for a new stand-alone 'Star Wars' film due to be screened in 2018. We know that the likes of Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort, Scott Eastwood, Taron Egerton and Jack Reynor all auditioned and subsequently lost out, but a new skit on TBS' 'Conan' shows us just how funny it could've been with it's own series of potential auditionees.

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Bill Hader may have left much to be desired with his Han Solo impression, but his Tauntaun and Jabba the Hutt were on point. Meanwhile, 'The Lego Movie' star Will Arnett couldn't resist putting in a little Batman action, and one person who wasn't having any of this 'What's your name?' bulls**t was 'Jodie f***ing Foster'. Kumail Najiani wasn't afraid to pull out the race card. 'I will say if you don't cast me in this, you're racist', he assured the production team. Plus, 50 Cent had to usher away his bodyguard from the audition set, and his gangster gun-slinging didn't impress producers.

Stumbling into the studio was Thomas Middleditch, who started off a little confused as to why his costume had a light-saber, before realising it's a thermal detonator and then chastising himself. 'Idiot! Stupid! Not on camera, not on camera, not on camera, not on camera...' Melissa McCarthy confessed that she didn't have the vastest knowledge of the 'Star Wars' universe and, indeed, quoted that the Millennium Falcon 'made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsnips' instead of 'parsecs'. 'Parsnips is funnier!' She insisted, but ultimately got in a rage and smashed up the backdrop. Jeff Goldblum appeared a little too veteran to be a young Han Solo and Adam Sandler, meanwhile, just transformed Han Solo into Billy Madison.