While several franchise films took a tumble this year, there were plenty of great movies that showed true originality, from big blockbusters and foreign award-winners to micro-indies and inventive docs...

Felicity Jones and Diego Luna in Rogue One

10. Rogue One - The first spin-off Star Wars story is refreshingly grown-up, unafraid to take some very bold plot turns as it generates big thrills from its war-movie action and intricate characters.

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Sam Neil stars in Hunt For The Wilderpeople

9. Hunt For The Wilderpeople - From New Zealand, this witty woodland adventure is simply the funniest movie of the year, featuring the most disarmingly engaging duo in recent memory.

Under The Shadow still

8. Under The Shadow - A British film set in 1980s Tehran, this is the most creatively terrifying movie of the year, combining real-world political horror with a murky monster freak-out.

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Fire At Sea still

7. Fire At Sea - A masterful blend of storytelling and documentary, this award-winning film offers a startling view of the immigration crisis through the eyes of Italian island villagers.

Kubo and The Two Strings

6. Kubo And The Two Strings - Animated movies are rarely this deep and complicated, but this adventure set in a mythical Japan combines action, suspense, sparky humour and remarkable insight.

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Son Of Saul

5. Son Of Saul - From Hungary, this Oscar-winning drama approaches the Holocaust from an original, intensely personal angle. Anchored by Geza Rohrig's ripping performance, this is unforgettable tour-de-force cinema.

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J. A. Bayona's A Monster Calls

4. A Monster Calls - What looks like a kids' adventure is actually a powerfully moving, wrenchingly human exploration of our deeper emotions. This is an expertly made film that deserves an audience.

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Moonlight still

3. Moonlight - Barry Jenkins' artful, inventive drama explores a man's life at three key points. It's also a rare film that grapples meaningfully with issues of race, economics and sexuality.

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Natalie Portman as Jackie

2. Jackie - Natalie Portman gives one of the year's most complex, riveting performances as Jackie Kennedy. And as directed by Pablo Larrain, this is also an unusually creative and relevant biopic.

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Ryan Gosling in La La Land

1. La La Land - A loving celebration of Hollywood, this musical may take some dark turns along the way, but it also leaves audiences feeling more exhilarated than any movie in years.

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And here are five runners-up: Arrival (enjoyably brain-bending sci-fi drama), Sing Street (gloriously engaging Irish musical), Toni Erdmann (wickedly hilarious black comedy from Germany), Embrace of the Serpent (sumptuous silvery odyssey into Colombia's Amazon), Love & Friendship (the funniest Jane Austen movie yet).