Star Trek Beyond has topped the US box office on its opening weekend, taking $59.9m. The film had one of best US openings of summer to date, however it failed to match the opening of Star Trek: Into Darkness which debuted with $70m in 2013.

Chris Pine in Star Trek BeyondChris Pine in Star Trek Beyond.

The first film in the rebooted franchise, Star Trek, had scored even better when it opened in 2009, taking $75m. But Star Trek Beyond’s $59.9m was enough to knock off last week’s number one, The Secret Life of Pets, which fell to number two after taking $29.3m.

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The weekend’s biggest disappointment was animated comedy Ice Age: Collision Course, the fifth movie in the franchise. It only managed to debut at number five after taking $21m, making it the lowest grossing film in the franchise so far.

Tied at number three were supernatural horror film Lights Out and Ghostbusters, with both taking $21.6m. Lights Out exceeded all expectations, after costing studio Warner Bros just $5m to make. But Ghostbusters suffered a drop of 53 percent in its second weekend, which is the largest drop for a movie directed by Paul Feig, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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Elsewhere, Finding Dory held on at number six in its sixth week, with $6.4m, while The Legend of Tarzan dropped to seven. A new entry at eight came from Indian gangster film Kabali, while Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, a documentary about the Democratic presidential hopeful, debuted at number nine.