The alleged subliminal messages moviemaker Stanley Kubrick placed in his 1980 horror movie The Shining are to be explored in a fascinating new documentary, which will debut at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah next month (Jan12).
Film fans have speculated that the Jack Nicholson movie is packed with clues about the U.S. government's 'faked' moon landing in 1969 and hidden messages about politics and issues of the day.
And now first-time director Rodney Ascher has investigated the theories for his new film Room 237, named after the hotel suite the film's psychic boy is warned not to enter.
Ascher tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "Some of this stuff seems funny, because people are coming up with very big ideas based on incidental details, but others might see it as a little scary."
One of the highlights of the new documentary is the study of claims the late Kubrick helped U.S. officials stage the Apollo 11 moon landing and then planted clues about the hoax throughout The Shining.