St. Vincent believes she could have released ''three records''.

The 34-year-old singer - whose full name is Anne Clark - is set to unveil her new album this year, and the star believes she could have brought out a handful of singles in the time it has taken for her to create her LP.

Speaking to FACT magazine, she said: ''Based on the amount of material I have, I could have put out three records by now. But I needed this one, especially with where we are in the world, to be the best thing that I've ever done by leaps and bounds.''

And the star has admitted she needed to take some time out of her busy schedule because she has ''never'' enjoyed a short break before, although she found it ''nice'' and is ready to continue making music.

She explained: ''And that takes time. That's something I've never really given myself, but it was nice. Now I'm ready to get back in the ring, so to speak, because I get twitchy if I'm not doing a lot of things.

''Obviously I'm putting out a record this year and I'm so excited about it, but I needed to do some things that were creative but not music and not touring and not performing just to get my bearings.''