One of cult rock movie Spinal Tap's most hilarious scenes could have been prompted by a forgotten Led Zeppelin moment, when they got lost under the streets of Baltimore, Maryland.

Zep's former frontman Robert Plant admits he always finds the scene in the film where the hapless rock trio try to find the stage after leaving their dressing room hilarious - because it happened to him and his bandmates.

Plant recalls, "This was actually in Baltimore. The Holiday Inn was on the one side of the street, the municipal auditorium was on the other, and to get there you could go very discreetly under the road.

"The guy, the promoter's assistant, knew the way. We were there for 45 minutes. Wandering around we could've maintained this whole underworld of the city.

"We came up in this place, and I said, 'It's better downstairs.' It was a real trip."

06/05/2003 01:44