Spike Lee’s version of the South Korean classic Oldboy, which was released in 2003, finally has a poster. This American remake – starring Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen and Sharlto Copley – finally has a poster to whet the appetite of revenge-loving film goers.

Old Boy poster

The plot of Oldboy, which anyone who wants to see the film will already know, centres around Oh Dae-su, who is kidnapped and imprisoned on his daughters birthday. After years of confinement, he sets about finding his revenge, only to find out he’s still embroiled in a web of intrigue and lies.

The actual logo itself is in Josh Brolin's handwriting - inspired by the letters his character writes to his daughter while imprisoned in the film. It looks intriguing, but whenever a brilliant piece of foreign cinema is reworked into an American film, fans of the original start to worry, and this was evident when Will Smith was thought to be starring, and Steven Spielberg directing – a match made in family friendly heaven, not what Oldboy fanatics would have wanted. The pair decided against it, though, because it would be too difficult to replicate the oddly compelling nature of the 2003 original.

Josh BrolinJosh Brolin is set to star in Old Boy

And this is – in part – why it has taken this long for a remake to happen. Look to other world cinema, Let The Right One In for example, and you’ll see it doesn’t usually take long for a popular foreign film to find its way to Hollywood. Spike Lee has attempted to appease fans – a bad sign given that the film hasn’t even got its first trailer yet – by saying this will be more of a reimagining than a full remake, but we’ll have to wait and see if he’s managed the difficult task of improving this Korean masterpiece.

Spike LeeCan Spike Lee do it?