Producers of Broadway's Spider-Man musical are facing legal action from a stuntman who claims to have been injured while performing in the superhero show.
Richard Kobak alleges he suffered numerous injuries, including concussion, whiplash, herniated discs in his back and problems with his knees, after joining the cast of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark in 2010 to fill in for another injured stunt performer.
The daredevil has filed papers at New York's Supreme Court, suggesting rigging used for the show's aerial stunts wasn't properly calibrated and a computer program which controlled his jumps from a balcony sent him flying into a wall last April (11).
Kobak has also asked producers to hand over any memos, emails or other evidence linked to the computer program and the show's equipment, as well as copies of accident reports, to determine if he has "a viable claim", according to the Associated Press.
Rick Miramontez, a spokesman for the Spider-Man producers, says in a statement, "The producers have no comment on the matter except to wish Mr. Kobak, who is currently in the American Idiot tour, well."
The production, which features music by U2 stars Bono and The Edge, was plagued by problems as producers battled to bring it to the stage, including numerous accidents, delays and spiralling costs.
The producers were also sued by the show's former director Julie Taymor, who claimed to be owed royalties for helping to create the stage spectacular before she was fired from the project in March last year (11).