The Spice Girls still have a group messaging chat.

The five piece girl group - which includes Mel B, Mel C, Geri Horner, Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton - still chat together in messages, according to Mel C.

She said: ''We do have a message group, we did have a WhatsApp group last year but Geri kept calling it 'what sip', which kind of put us off so we went back to an iMessage ... but it's like so many bands, so many bands if you think about it, their name is awful but then they just become the name and then that's it. U2, that's rubbish.''

And Mel also revealed the girl group were called Touch, before they decided to rename themselves the Spice Girls.

Speaking to Scott Mills and Chris Stark on their BBC Radio 1 show, he added: ''Do you know what we were called before, we were called TOUCH, thank goodness we changed it. I think it was a brain child of Geri's to be spice, because we had our individuality, we were all really different, spicing up things with a bit of variety and there was a rapper in America called Spice, so that's why we added the Girls and became the Spice Girls.''

The girl group reunited last year, without Victoria, for a tour and Mel B previously confessed they all ''cried'' after their reunion announcement.

She said: ''We all went round to Geri's for a cup of tea, like, 'Finally we can talk about it!' So it's really exciting, and then we just all did our little group thing together - when we're together, we don't like anybody else around us.

''Whether there's husbands, kids, we move them to the other room so it's just us four together. We do a little cuddle ... and we kinda cried a bit too. It was a sign of relief, like, finally we're gonna do it!''