A clip has emerged this week featuring the Spice Girls on the set of a Polaroid commercial they did in the 90s, and expressing the sentiment they are best known for with great effect: that is, Girl Power. Here they stand up to some sexist directors when asked to sex up their school uniform costumes.

Mel B and Geri HornerSpice Girls prove just how powerful Girl Power really is

The best thing about the Spice Girls apart from the infectious chemistry, the movie, the outfits and the tunes was the fact that they upheld everything they believed in. A throwback 'backstage' video from their time on a Polaroid commercial in 1997, where they were dressed in school uniform, sees Mel B, Mel C, Geri Horner (than Halliwell) and Victoria Beckham (then Adams) arguing about being told to flash some flesh for the shoot.

It begins with Mel B approaching two men sitting off set, one of which is wearing sunglasses. 'Who was it? Was it you?' She asked the man with the shades. 'Why did you ask that? To have a cleavage shown and a midriff shown?' When he replied that it was 'every man's fantasy', Mel wasn't having any of it, and promptly told him to do something that probably ended with 'off'.

When Geri came over, the guys should've known they were in big trouble. 'You are a chauvinistic pig. That is such an easy cop out, that really is', she said. The other man tried to explain away the reasoning behind the sexist suggestion, claiming that it was all because the Spice Girls often wear revealing clothes anyway.

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'Yeah, but you don't show your t**s at school, do you?' Mel added. 'If there's a good reason to do it then we'll think about it.' Meanwhile, Geri was giving them a lesson in business, upholding her determination to be a good role model for women. 'I understand the advertising thing and you're thinking 'Oh yeah, sexy sexy' - have you not heard of less is more anyway?' She said. 'You should know better by now... what sort of an example is that?'

At the end of the shoot, a peeved off Mel B is seen explaining the situation to the camera. 'He's the one who said 'Can you show a bit of cleavage and midriff?' and we said 'No! Girl Power!' 

The advert in question barely shows the Spice Girls, but from what we can gather they are playing students apparently being expelled from a convent school. But we are pleased to see that they stood their ground and kept their cleavages and midriffs to themselves.