The Spice Girls plan to mark their 25th anniversary by remaking their 'Wannabe' music video.

The 'Mama' hitmakers will celebrate the career milestone last year and though they had initially been discussing going out on the road again, the coronavirus pandemic has put paid to their live perfomance plans so they are now focusing their attention on their smash hit debut single.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''The Spice Girls were hoping to hit the road in 2021 to mark their big anniversary but now it's not possible because of the pandemic.

''They're all in touch weekly and are trying to come up with new ideas on how they can do something special to mark the big day.

''Mel C suggested doing something around 'Wannabe' -- including the idea of possibly re-working the video for social media.

''There are so many options and nothing is off-limits. They want to give the fans something special.''

However, the insider admitted it is ''extremely unlikely'' that Victoria Beckham - who opted out of the group's reunion tour last year - will be joining bandmates Geri Horner, Mel B, Melanie C and Emma Bunton in their anniversary plans.

Melanie C recently admitted she and her bandmates only realised the full impact they had had on their tour last year.

She said: ''Being on stage with the girls made me feel so buoyant and so positive. We didn't really get the whole legacy and the impact until last year.''

And the 'Northern Star' hitmaker felt the band made a mistake in not filming their shows.

She said: ''We shied away from having a DVD, because people came from all over the world and they saved and they spent all this money to see us, so there's part of you that wants it to be a unique experience, this magical moment in time.

''But so many people have been upset about it - and we are too, actually, because it'd be lovely just to look back and enjoy it all over again. So hopefully, if we get our act together, we'll make another time to get up there and get it recorded properly.''