The Spice Girls ''giggle like children'' when they get together.

The five members of the group - Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Mel C, Mel B, and Victoria Beckham - all have children now so their meet-ups are very different to when they were at the peak of their success, but they still have a ''lovely'' time together.

Emma said: ''We just giggle like children but then we chat like mums, it's quite weird.

''It's still there with all of us.

''Now we've all got children, when we see each other, we hang out and all the kids get on so well, it's lovely.''

Though she adored being a part of the group, 39-year-old Emma - who is rumoured to be reuniting with her bandmates for their 20th anniversary next year - admitted they didn't always look great.

Asked her biggest fashion error during her Spice Girls days, she said: ''Matching eye shadow with whatever you were wearing. Why did we do that?

''But it was the 90s. I love having fun with fashion and I always have done.

''Once I went to a party in a bright yellow dress with butterflies all over it and matching awful yellow Minnie Mouse shoes. It was horrendous!''