Spencer Matthews feels ''unrecognisable'' from the person he used to be.

The former 'Made In Chelsea' star quit drinking two years ago as he was concerned his lifestyle was stopping him leading his life to his ''full potential'' and he's got no regrets about his decision.

He said: ''I believe making a few changes in my life has just almost done a number on me, I'm almost unrecognisable to how I was two years ago, even in myself.

''For me it was identifying the problem, it was never that I drank to excess in my 20s, in a normal social manner I was never a terrible, awful drunk, I always got home but it was a really regular bad habit that was normalised by my friends, my work... not my family at all.

''I was drinking to excess regularly and it dawned on me my full potential was really evaporating and these big goals I had for myself were never going to be achieved, there was no chance. That was a frightening moment for me.''

The 32-year-old star - who has children Theodore, two, and Gigi, seven weeks, with wife Vogue Williams - admitted he was concerned he wouldn't be the ''incredible'' father he wanted to be if he didn't make some changes.

Speaking during Nicorette's Tap to Change webinar on Wednesday (09.09.20) evening, he said: ''Vogue's wonderful but I wasn't pulling my weight in the house when she was pregnant because I had a drink in my hand.

''Not all the time but it makes you lazy, a bit less there for your partner.

''I began to realise, 'Maybe I'm not going to be the incredible father I thought I'd be, or do so well in business or get the TV job that should come easy.

''I cut drinking out and three or four days in I began to feel different. A big weight lifted, a lot more clarity and drive so I became addicted to that instead.''

And Spencer thinks he's a much better person now.

He said: ''I see myself as somebody who has made a decision whose life is much better without this anchor and it's really hard to look backwards.

''People say, 'Congratulations, two years sober, do you miss drinking?' Well no, if you'd been me before and me now, you'd rather be me now and the drinking got in the way of that...

''It was a very welcome change and there was so much positivity tht came out of the change and you can't ignore it.''

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