Review of The Key Single by Speech Debelle

Review of Speech Debelle's single 'The Key'.

Speech Debelle The Key Single

Speech Debelle releases her second single 'The Key' from her eagerly awaited album 'Speech Therapy' on the very cool Big Dadda records. Debelle is certainly sending shockwaves through the UK urban community with her unique voice and MC flow as well as her insightful and reflective lyrics. 'The Key' definitely shows this and with the blend of cool acoustic bass and classy clarinets it creates a truly refreshing and sophisticated sound that is street to the high street. It reminds me of the sounds on the Rebirth Of Cool series and Bahamadia is most definitely an influence for sure. That can only be a good thing and Speech Debelle could represent at the highest level judging by this single. Quality!

Tareck Ghoneim

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