Review of Self-titled EP by Sparrow and the Workshop

Review of Sparrow and the Workshop's self-titled EP.

Sparrow and the Workshop Self-titled EP

I recently reviewed Sparrow and the Workshop's single 'Devil Song' and loved both it and the reverse side of it. So what of the six track EP released/due to be released by the Glaswegian trio?

Well, the first track is the single mentioned above, and I will simply refer you to my previous review to get my opinion of it. This is followed by 'Last Chance' which has a driving tempo with twin vocal lines throughout, male and female, which was utilised on 'Devil Song'. It is the combination of the twin vocal lines, particularly SINGERS NAME strong sixties folk sound, and the country acoustic guitars that give the Sparrow's an authentic and reassuring sound.

The waltzed tempo neck finger picking on 'Gun' give it a warm feel and the alto vocals on 'I Will Break You' will have you searching through your Dad's record collection to see if he has any of the original LP's from the band, but he won't! These guys are new to the scene and not from the psychedelic era. Damn! You could have looked real cool in front of your muso mates too.

The remaining two tracks 'My Crime' and 'Broken Heart, Broken Home' are of equally good quality and the jolly rhythm of the latter in conjunction with the addition of a fiddle gives you a satisfied feeling inside.

Admittedly I go on about how these guys have a sixties folk feel to them, so why is that a good thing I here you ask. Well it is, because they also have a modern edge to them too, and a little bit of what we have had before has never hurt before. Just go buy their records and go watch them where you can. If they are rubbish then your Dad told you to do it!

Rating 8/10

Pablo Roffey

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