Review of Devil Song Single by Sparrow and the Workshop

Review of Sparrow and the Workshop's single Devil Song.

Sparrow and the Workshop Devil Song Single

Picture this: A hot and dusty desert scene, in the distance we see rugged mountains, to right of our screen enters a Mexican bandit, running for his life tripping and stumbling over rocks and tumbleweeds as if running for his life leaving a cloud of dust in his wake.

[Commence Devil Song by Sparrow and the Workshop].

After 30 seconds the bandit makes it to the left hand side of our screen and his dust cloud begins to settle. Just then a mean looking dude on a Harley enters to the right, creating a huge plume of dust as he tears across the screen. The opening scenes of a Tarantino film I hear you cry. No is the answer! It will be the video for this song which I will receive both writing and directing credits for, if they let me make it that is.

The Devil Song has the Mariachi feel to it typical of a Quentin film, with a driving western rhythm, Dusty Springfield type vocals and occasional whip cracks. The production is excellently done with a 60's sound having been impeccably recreated. Oddly, or maybe not oddly at all, the 3 piece band hail from Glasgow and have an all too authentic country and western sound. And, it's more of the same on B-side 'The Cold Hearted Twist'.

So, I hear you ask 'how does the video end?' Well. the Hell's Angel catches up with the bandit as the 'Devil Song' crescendos and beats him to near death with a whip. As the final drum roll beats out to mark the end the song; the bandit cunningly pulls out a hidden .357 magnum, says 'There are no Angels in Hell Chico' and closes the Angel's peepers forever. Cool.

Rating 9/10

Pablo Roffey

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