Southport Weekender 6 - Album Review

Southport Weekender 6
Album Review

Southport Weekender

It comes to that time of year when Southport Weekender is just around the corner and it's fitting to have a compilation that suits the ethos and one love spirit of the event. Southport Weekender 6 does just that. There's some great tunes on this album that are mixed together by Kerri Chandler and these collection of contemporary classics take you to the high that Southport does so well.

The majority of this album represents uplifting vocal house with shades of other styles that we hear at Southport Weekender. We see the talented Ben Westbeech on the first track on disc 1 with a remix of `So Good Today'. Disc 1 rolls onwards taking you up to the party people. There are some great vocals on this albums all about positivity and feel good spirit. I really liked `You Turn Me Around (Karu Mix)' by Nature Love, `Love Connection (Main Mix)' by Fanatix ft. Alex Mills and `We Had A Thing' by Abstract Truth on the first disc.

Disc 2 is just as good if not better. There're some killer tunes. `My Joy' by Nu Life ft. Kenny Bobien really emulates the high of the Weekender. Then you've got dirtier tracks like `I Go Deep' by Yass. There's even a minimal track `South African Deep' by Tommy Bones to get you into B-Bar Saturday style. There's some truly soulful tracks like `Living' by Jon Cutler ft. Pete Simpson, `Listen For It' by Marcus Enochson and `Greater Love' by Spen and Robert Owens.

I've been buzzing ever since listening to this. It's truly uplifting and a joyous listen. There's so many positive tunes and if you've ever been to Southport Weekender you really get the vibe of the event. It's nice to hear quality vocals and funky house music that is class rather than cheesy and great tunes to dance to. Quality!

Tareck Ghoneim