Review of Vol. 7 Album by Southport Weekender

Southport Weekender Vol. 7 - Mixed by Jazzanova & Mr Scruff - Album Review

Southport Weekender Vol. 7 Album

Southport Weekender is renowned for playing cutting edge music and selecting the connoisseur's choice of classics and forgotten gem. It's a musical education going to Southport as the DJ's there are serious! It's fitting to get a collection of tracks mixed by Jazzanova and Mr Scruff displaying a set at its best and mixed to perfection. Jazzanova are leading the way in 'Nu Jazz' creating a seriously groovy vibe that oozes sophistication and class. They mix CD1. And then there's Mr Scruff from the UK who is a real music innovator displays a master class in soul classics It captures the vibes of the Weekender.

CD1 is as you'd expect from Jazzanova is heavyweight. It's a very well mixed CD that has quality tunes and jazzy rhythms all the way through. It's designed to make you move and make you think. It's got great positivity and takes you on a dancing journey. I liked strong house music vibe and it was good to see world music elements in the mix like Madioko 'N' Rafika 'Elleli' (Kalabrese Remix. 'Promises' is a strong melodic track and the upbeat Recloose 'Cahtach A Leaf' (Mark de Clive Lowe Remix) adds great groove to CD2. Quality!

Mr Scruff is a legend to many. He's well renowned for having an extensive music collection. He's lined up a collection of raw soul ballads with all the funk to get your body moving. He's picked a knock out punch to every Northern Soul groover, funky diva and one love enthusiast. It's straight out of the Connoisseurs Corner. I was very impressed of the mixing listening to CD2. I've always been a fan of soul however these tracks are pretty rare to me. All through CD2 you feel the power of these deep soul tracks displaying great vocals and great funk rhythms. You get the disco vibe too from Donna Mcghee on 'Mr Blind Man', a bit of swing from The Soul Controllers and always great bass lines all the way through especially from Brass Fever. And Mr Scruff finishes the CD with Theo Parrish ft Alena Waters 'Soul Control' to awaken us to compelling progressive music. It's a great mix for sure.

Southport Vol.7 is remaining loyal to the quality of good music and good DJ's. This CD provides us with two great mixes showing gem records and sweet feelings. It's has the energy of a great live set and the passion of a music purist making much time to move the listener. Definitely worth a listen!

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