There's no doubt 2014 is turning into an epic year for Southport Weekender. The 50th Weekender at Butlins in Minehead in May was truly legendary and all the comments regarding the 5th Suncebeat in Croatia this year have been reported as the best so far. Seemingly, Southport Weekender can't do any wrong with their unique blend of good vibrations and serious love for soul, jazz/funk fusion, hip hop and house music that keeps a loyal crowd of punters eager for another dose each year. Fortunately for both those who haven't experienced the magic yet this year and for the Southport Weekender family, there are two more instalments left on the calendar. While October brings Heritage Weekender, the next event coming up on the 30th August presents CAMELOT in Chorley, Lancashire.

Southport Weekender

There's no doubt CAMELOT sounds like a lot of fun. The event occurs at Park Hall situated in a stunning woodland setting with accommodation on site, starting at 1pm on Saturday until 6am the following day. There's a Jamaican BBQ continuing the Carnival vibes throughout the day and great soundsystems, plus quality decor to the get atmosphere right, but ultimately it's the music that is the most important ingredient in the mix at Southport Weekender events.  

We've got the essentials all featuring at CAMELOT with the Connoisseur's Corner hosting legendary Southport Weekender residents Terry Jones, Bob Jeffries, Colin Curtis and Richard Searling who always know how to rock the crowd, plus the soulful sounds of The Unabombers and an exclusive disco set from DJ Spen. In the Funkbase, playing urban flavours who really know how to mix classics with bangers, are Bigger, JP, Ronnie Herel and the fantastic Trevor Nelson. Meanwhile in the Powerhouse fuelling the UK-Chicago connection are London titan Grant Nelson and deep house maestro Ron Trent; expect an awesome display of DJ magic and house music. Later on in the the evening, folk will be heading down to the on-site nightclub to get down to the sounds of Dimitri From Paris before The Basement Boys (Karizma, DJ Spen and Teddy Douglass) take us to church with a full live performance from Jasper Street Company who were amazing at the 50th.

Also on the line-up are Teddy Douglas and regulars Kev Beadle, Gavin Kendrick, Mike Stephens and Andy Davies. Interestingly, we see emerging talent and musical enthusiasts on the scene such as Afro Coalition, Stretford Dogs Club, Leftfoot DJ's, DJ Lowrider and "Soulboy" Ryan Peake who will certainly bring a local and unique flavour to the line-up.

All in all, CAMELOT, the latest event hosted by Southport Weekender, looks too good to miss. For anyone who's been before it's obvious that this will be a quality all-day and all-night party and for anyone wanting a good place to dance, you won't be disappointed. With an intimate 1,500 capacity, I'm sure this will be a great way to move into Autumn, continuing what has been, I'm sure for everyone, a truly memorable 2014.

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