As 2014 approaches the end of what has been a truly dramatic and tumultuous year we can look back with fond memories of some great events. However there's still another quality event in the diary with Southport Weekender's amazing return back to Pontins in the town of Southport! Indeed Southport Weekender have contributed to some great events this year such as the amazing 50th celebration at Minehead, a sizzling Suncebeat 5 and a great start to Camelot, however many never could have imagined the possibility of another party at Pontins, reminiscing where there has truly been some amazing parties in the past. There's no doubt there's an appetite for a final fling of 2014 and Southport Heritage Weekender could be the perfect place. 

Southport Weekender

Many of the acts performing have played at Pontins before and it's clear to see that the artists really want to play this one. The venue at Pontins has always been an excellent environment to create epic parties and who wouldn't want to be there if you've experienced it before. It's fortunate to see that there are still tickets available so the opportunity to attend might attract some Southport virgins to the party that could add a welcomed new energy to the mix. Whatever happens I'm truly curious to return to see how the old venue still fairs. Personally I missed the flow of moving from room to room when SPW switched from Pontins to Butlins in the Minehead, so I'm going to have another look. 

Certainly the line would bring any discerning music lover to Southport Heritage Weekender this year. With such an amazing array of soul live acts that span from legend to classic and DJ's that have defined modern music it's clear the quality of the music will be exceptional. Byron Stingley kicking off Friday in the Powerhouse doesn't get any more positive, with the amazing Sounds of Blackness Saturday afternoon, Adeva Saturday night and The Fatback Band to finish off on Sunday afternoon. Other live acts such as Angela Johnson, Keni Burke, Leroy Hutson, Kindred and the Soul Family, Rachelle Ferrel and not forgetting the Dreem Team live will create a lot of memories for sure. To watch these quality acts in the great rooms to dance at Southport Weekender; The Connoisseurs Corner, The Funkbase, The Beat Bar and a Brand New H20 Zone Bar, is something I'm certainly looking forward to. 

The DJ line up is off the hook! Legends such at Graeme Park, King Brit, Louie Vega, Danny Krivit, Jazzie B and LTJ Bukem all in the house, as well as Giles Peterson, Kerri Chandler, Ashley Beedle, Joey Negro, Tony Humphries, DJ Spinna, Dimitri From Paris, Rahaan, Norman Jay and Trevor Nelson looks incredible! There's also Schooly & Diggz, Fitzroy Da Buzzboy, Paul 'Trouble' Anderson, Stretch Taylor, CJ Mackintosh, Patrick Forge, Simon Dunmore, Benji B, Mad Mats, Karizma, Mr Thing & JP and Shortee Blitz and not forgetting the Southport Weekender residents Phil Asher, Kev Beadle, Ronnie Herel, Bigger, Steve Wren, Bob Jeffries, Terry Jones, Andy Davies, Colin Williams, Johnathan and Bob Jefferies, Bob Jones and Colin Curtis, who always bring some special to the party. This is a classic Southport Weekender DJ line up who I'm sure will all be raising the game, as they always do, when we have such talent pooled together at one event. 

If you've never been to a Southport Weekender event before this is a great opportunity to experience that for many is always a quality event, due the high level of music, but also the friendliness of the crowd, who are the Southport Weekender family. You don't hear soul, house music, funk, hip hop, jazz fusion, Latin styles and amazing vocal performances quite like it anywhere else in the world. It's lucky to have it on our doorstep. 

The UK is an amazing place for expression, unity and diversity and as it's such a hot spot and melting pot that allows cultures to mix and merge and it is this that makes Southport Weekender events so special. It's all about the love of soul music and a place of freedom of expression. There's so many magical moments of previous Weekender events at Pontins that the opportunity to return here is truly lucky and the thought of The Fatback Band and Sounds of Blackness in the afternoons in the Powerhouse are gigs not to be missed really if you can make it. Hearing Mr Thing smashing hip hop and watching The Dreem Team again are sets that are magical at Southport Weekender, not forgetting bringing Graeme Park back to play all seems like full circle to me. I'm sure I'll see you on the dancefloor! 

Tareck Ghoneim

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