Kim Kardashian was the latest target on South Park's radar, as the reality television star with "the body of a Hobbit" was routinely poked fun of in the episode that was really all about body confidence and being comfortable in your own skin, not wanting to be in someone elses. With Kim the main target, that also meant it was time to bring out Kanye West again and lampoon him on the Comedy Central show once again and the results were hilarious.

Kim KardashianKanye West
We wonder how Kim and the (usually) humourless Kanye will react to the episode?

The Dec. 11 episode started with Butlers turning down Lisa Berger for being "too fat," with his infatuation with Kim Kardashian being at the root of his perceptions of what classes as attractive. Once Butler's crush is revealed, it prompts Wendy to argue that not only is Kim “overweight” in real life, but she’s "literally a Hobbit."

Who else, other than Mr Mackey, would jump to Kim's defence then other than "recovering gay fish" Kanye West then, with the easy-to-parody egoist again landing in South Park's satirical scope. Inspired by the narcissistic rapper's string of overly-serious rants, Kanye then went AWOL at the school and then started showing up everywhere to make his voice heard, whether people wanted to hear it or not. This was seen best when he crashed Pope Francis' acceptance speech upon receiving Time's Person of the Year, going all Taylor Swift at the VMAs again and not only was Kanye being his usual annoying self, but along the way he wasn't even able to prove that Kim doesn't actually have the body of a hobbit either.

South Park aren't the only people to parody Kimye

It wasn't just Kimye that were being made fun of, as the South Park writers took the opportunity to blast the entire Kardashian clan, who are apparently all hobbits too, all ”short, loud little people living in a fantasy world.” Too be honest, we completely agree (maybe not the hobbit part, but the loud and fantasy world bits).

By the end of the show Kanye realises that Kim will never be as good as Beyonce, but that doesn't matter because he loves Kim no matter what she is. At the end of it all, there was even a message to be found in the episode and that's to be nice and stop placing undeserved people on a pedestal, because “nobody likes a girl who’s jelly.”

Trey Parker Matt Stone
South Park creators Matt Stone (L) and
Trey Parker (R)