The South Park lawsuit isn't likely to lose the show's creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker any sleep, but it's worth looking at. They might find themselves in a bit of bother this time, as the latest case does seem to have legs. We all chuckled at The Lollipop King who appeared in the three episodes of "Imaginationland" in South Park back in 2007. However, one animator wasn't laughing, no sir, he wasn't laughing at all. His name was Exavier Wardlaw and he had apparently created the character long before Stone and Parker nabbed it.

The story goes, according to TMZ, that Wardlaw created the wholesome family show 'The Lollipop Forest' and in it was a character called the Big Bad Lollipop. He doesn't sound like too much of a wholesome fella to us. Anyway, he was made a whole let wholesome by the South Parks creators - allegedly of course- after their own candy-based character found himself choked out by a Storm Trooper, witnessed the carnage of a suicide bomber and saw Kyle perform an oral-based sexual act on Cartman.

Given that Wardlaw is claiming that this is the same character is his, the lawsuit he's sent the South Park team is stating that they have exposed the poor lolly to things he should never have seen. He is suing for copyright infringement and demanding that Parker and Stone remove all traces of the Lollipop King from their shows. Better start licking, guys