The Broad City regular was in Austin for the annual event, and he used the microblogging site to offer his services to the band ahead of their performance, writing "I'm in Austin and I will play drums in your band tomorrow between 12-5pm. I can't play drums. It'll be bad."

Speedy Ortiz's lead singer Sadie Dupuis was the first to respond, writing to Buress, "Hey... yr (you are) cordially invited to drum with Speedy Ortiz at the @pitchfork showcase at (The Mohawk venue), 1 pm. or we could get pizza."

Buress accepted the offer, and although he arrived at the gig late due to heavy traffic, he kept his word and stepped behind the kit to drum with the group.

He later thanked the rockers for letting him join them on stage, tweeting, "Speedy Ortiz let me come on stage and ruin their song with my horrible drumming. I am forever indebted to them."