Review of What Came From Fire Album by Sound Of Guns

Formed from the ashes of three local bands, Liverpool quintet Sound Of Guns are set for an assault on the mainstream with this, the release of their debut album. Having previously had support from the BBC, the act is now touring the UK, interspersing their own shows with support slots with The Courteeners and festival appearances.

Sound Of Guns What Came From Fire Album

Unlike many of their recent geographical contemporaries, SOG do not attempt to produce tunes that could be labelled 'Cosmic-scouse', instead preferring a more accessible indie-rock hybrid. This turns out to be a great decision. Skip past a pointless intro track and 'Architects' drops a wall of distortion for a simple and anthemic chorus, destined to lift festivals crowds and be chanted drunkenly in the early hours. The band turn more melodic for the fun 'Alcatraz', while another explosive anthem is to be found in 'My White Noise'. Now without wanting to generalise, many an album begins and ends on a high, bookending filler that is forgettable, so it is quite remarkable that three of the record's strongest offerings are sandwiched in the centre. 'Collisions' possesses a stomping feel-good factor, '106 (Still The Words)' is at mid-tempo and shines like a lighthouse on the foggiest of nights, while 'Lightspeed' apes U2 in stadium rock mode. Even the near-cliché title of closer 'Starts With An End' can't spoil things (helped by the fact it's a glowing acoustic monster) and you are left thinking that if this record was from one of rock's established members it would fly off shelves and bag enough awards for a new mantelpiece. Given that it's actually a debut, then all to be said is simply "stunning".

Alex Lai

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