Review of Nite Versions Album by Soulwax

Nite Versions
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Play It Again Sam

Soulwax Nite Versions Album

What can I say?.. I found this tedious to listen to. I had heard of soulwax but not heard any of their music and if this is what they do then I am almost relieved that I haven't. I think I might actually struggle to write anything about this album. I listened to it 2 days ago and it just sounded like a drone in the background and I actually got up half way through and walked to my cd player and pressed stop, and now I amhaving to listen to it again to review it and I am desperate to press stop again.

Unfortunately this is nothing original or life changing. It's just annoying. I think they are possibly trying to sound like a mix between chemical brothers and moloko but have failed at this. The one song on the cd that I could bear to listen to was 'Miserable Girl' but even then I could only listen to it once or twice before it turned into an annoying ringing in my ears, I may sound harsh but this is definitely one to avoid!

Joanne Nugent

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