Review of Psychedelic Soul Single by Soul Hooligan

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4. Soul Hooligan Psychedelic Soul (12" - Maverick)
Moving away from their more familiar breakbeat/big beat tag the Soul Hooligan trio of Austin Reynolds, Dave Jay and Jim Sumner create the more inventive and much more interesting Psychedelic Soul. Psychedelic being the operative word as we are confronted with more than our fair share of drippy hippy swirls and snares. Some choice Mick Jagger-esque vocals and added ultra-funky and fast bass all combine to make perhaps their best release to date.
The Freestylers prove to be the cowards here as they stay safely within big beat territory, creating a fast and furious rehash. Mystic Ballistic dominate the B-Side with extra funk injections and some slapped bass.
Nevertheless, its the original which comes well out on top.