Review of (Hey) What's That You Do? Single by Soul Electric

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5. Soul Electric & George Sureuf (Hey) Whats That You Do? (12" - (Inflight Entertainment) )
(Hey) Whats That You Do? Is the second single to be released from Soul Electrics (aka Danny Macmillan and Will South) debut album. Its not necessarily a dancefloor demolishing tune but given the right audience the right reaction would be a cert.

Its a subtle, soulful mix of scattered beats, snares and bass and what makes the tune really happen is the piercing vocal of George Sureaf , a blues singer whose recent album has gained number one status in Mojo Magazine quite a feat. Ninja Tunes Fink gives it the remix treatment, getting away from the soulful vibe by cutting it up and pushing the beats centre stage.