Sophie Turner has a hugely busy year ahead. Gearing up for the release of the seventh season for HBO fantasy series 'Game of Thrones', which is set to premiere in July, she'll also begin filming on the next 'X-Men' movie, where she stars as Jean Grey, otherwise known as the all-powerful Phoenix.

Sophie Turner stars as Jean Grey in the 'X-Men' movie seriesSophie Turner stars as Jean Grey in the 'X-Men' movie series

While that film was tentatively titled 'Supernova', its official title has now been revealed as 'Dark Phoenix', and a release date has been set, sending fans into an excited frenzy.

20th Century Fox revealed over the weekend that the film will hit movie theatres on November 2, 2018, confirming the rumours that the Jean Grey/Phoenix saga would be revisited. It's something that was touched upon before in 'X-Men: Apocalypse', with producer Simon Kinberg now rumoured to be taking a spot in the director's chair for the new flick.

Written by Chris Claremont, the 'Dark Phoenix Saga' was a huge hit with comic book readers and saw Jean Grey transform into the Dark Phoenix; one of humanity's most dangerous adversaries and a major threat to the existence of the universe. Though the story was brought to life on the big screen in 2006 release 'X-Men: The Last Stand', that didn't manage to tick many of the boxes for those watching.

In the original story, Jean Grey had to sacrifice herself for the greater good, but not before an emotional goodbye with Cyclops. It would seem to stand that this storyline would translate over to the big screen with the upcoming release, but there is of course the space for wiggle room and the chance for those involved to bring their own versions of the story to fans. Could this be the final outing for Sophie Turner with the 'X-Men' universe? It's very possible.

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'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' hits movie theatres on November 2, 2018.