Sophie Turner has starred in Louis Vuitton's new watch campaign.

The 25-year-old actress has teamed up with the French fashion house to star in their Tambour Street Diver campaign from the house's designer Nicolas Ghesquière.

She told Vogue: “The way that I dress is always aligned with the way Nicolas designs."

The 'Game of Thrones' star first became infatuated with chunky watches when her husband Joe Jonas and has since collected six styles with the label’s new watch, which is unisex and water resistant, being one of her favourite timeless pieces.

She explained: “My husband is into watches, so he leads the way and tells me which watches are cool and which ones aren’t. It’s big and it’s chunky, which I like. I’ve always liked more masculine watches.”

What's more, Sophie - who has nine-month-old daughter Willa with Jonas - is excited to dress up after spending the coronavirus lockdown wearing "baggy clothes" but is adamant she'll wear stylish outfits as she wants to be a "cool mum".

She added: “I’m excited about embracing fashion again; I’ve been dressing up for myself. It’s actually really annoying though, because just as I’ve had a baby, everyone all of a sudden wants to wear low-rise jeans. It’s kind of offensive!

"Because I’m a mom, I’m desperate to be cool now. So I’m trying to go with baggy tops and baggy jeans. I’m definitely excited to be putting my heels on, and doing my hair and makeup.”

However, she has been envious of her husband as he has made an effort to dress up during the pandemic.

She said: "He surprisingly puts in a little bit more effort than me. He’s always embraced high fashion and dressing up. I thought it was psychotic how he would wear jeans during the pandemic, while we were just sitting at home. I was like, What kind of serial killer does that?"