As 'Game of Thrones' fans mull over what may happen when the show returns for its final season in 2019, audiences have been given the news that at least one spinoff's pilot has been given the green light by HBO. Exactly what comes of the Seven Kingdoms after 'GoT' reaches its conclusion remains to be seen, but we imagine there will be plenty of options for those working behind-the-scenes to discuss.

Sophie Turner recognises Sansa Stark's 'Game of Thrones' story in real lifeSophie Turner recognises Sansa Stark's 'Game of Thrones' story in real life

Still, with six feature-length 'GoT' episodes to go, all eyes will be on the characters that have been lucky enough to survive up to this point, as the Night King and his army of White Walkers descend on the living, breaking through the Wall that has kept them at bay for years.

One of those characters is Sansa Stark, played by Sophie Turner. She's been with the series ever since the very beginning, and has been through some incredibly traumatic events. Assaulted physically and sexually by both King Joffrey Baratheon (now deceased) and Ramsay Bolton (also now deceased) respectively, she's come out of it all as a survivor. Though it's a fictional and medieval series, Turner thinks what Sansa's been through is similar to what women are going through in the real world.

Speaking with Screen International, the actress explained: "She's used everything she's learnt up until now to her benefit. She endured so much horror and really was a prisoner season-by-season. She took all of that, and now she has become stronger for it."

She continued: "It's funny the way [my storyline] is kind of mirroring what's happening in real life, in every industry right now. It's really interesting how all of these women who were subjected to a lot of horror and oppression are taking a stand against the people who have done this to them. I think that's why I connected with the #MeToo movement so much. Not just because of being a woman and obviously being a feminist, but also that character."

As women find more opportunities to step into the spotlight and take down those who have abused their positions of power, it feels good to know that even shows as fantastical as 'Game of Thrones' can remain topical. Bring on the final season!

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'Game of Thrones' will return for its eighth and final season at some point in 2019, on HBO in the US and Sky Atlantic in the UK.