Sophie Ellis-Bextor is an eBay addict.

The 34-year-old singer-songwriter joined the eBay community in 1998 when she was looking for a vintage Blythe doll and since has become obsessed with the world's largest online marketplace.

Talking about her favourite eBay purchase, she said: ''Probably my Blythe doll. She's a 70s doll you can't buy any more and she's how I discovered eBay in the first place.

''eBay is totally addictive. I love that it creates a one-of-a-kind relationship with each individual user. I use it for everything from sourcing rare and unique vintage finds for my home and wardrobe to incredibly thoughtful gifts for my family.

''I'm now an expert in many things thanks to eBay - just ask me anything about 1960s pottery!''

Sophie has sold over 150 items on the site and has bought old postcards from Butlins, a holiday camp in the UK, and other seaside towns as they are sentimental and she ''loves that view of British holidays.'' She has even gone as far as to order an item all the way from Australia.

Sophie - who was speaking as part of eBay Stories, a collection of tales about the auction site to celebrate it turning 18 - advises other eBay shoppers to be ''adventurous'' while searching as they may ''uncover some gems'', adding: ''Don't be scared - it's only the internet!''