Sophie Ellis-Bextor dances ''a lot'' more now when she is performing than she used to.

The 38-year-old musician has admitted she used to stay still when she was on stage with her first band because of her ''indie background''.

Speaking to the Metro newspaper, she said: ''I move around a lot. When I sang in my first band, which was at 16 or 17, I would stay really still. Then, when I did Groovejet, because I'd been from this indie background. I didn't want to dance. I just thought it was a bit too obvious, so I thought I'd just stand really still.''

And the brunette beauty will be celebrating 20 years in the music industry this year, but the star is not fazed by the prospect of growing older and in fact ''likes'' the thought she is ageing because she thinks being young and ''cool'' is ''so overrated''.

She said: ''This year will be 20 years since I first signed a record deal, so I'm one of the lucky ones.

''I'm ancient. I'm 38 now.

''Bring it on. I like getting older. I think getting older has more perks than people believe. In your twenties, you're too worried about being cool, which is so overrated.''