Sony promised PS4 customers that original TV content would arrive at some point, and we finally know what they’re launching with: ‘Powers’. Sony Pictures TV, a particular branch of Sony Corp., who were involved in shows like Breaking Bad, Hannibal and Master of Sex, are producing. 

Playstation 4

It’s a fresh and exciting move from Sony, who marketed their next generation console, which has been a selling sensation, on its gaming capabilities. This was in contrast to Microsoft, who billed the Xbox One as an all-purpose entertainment machine. Suffice to say, Sony won the PR battle in the run up to both consoles being released, and now they’re exploiting the other capabilities of the PS4. 

Powers has actually been in development at the company for some time, even making it to the pilot stage with FX previously. An amalgamation of genres – police procedural, sci-fi, fantasy and noir – ‘Powers’ follows the adventures of two detectives investigating the crimes of people with superhero-like abilities, which are known as – you guessed it - "powers."

According to The Wall Street Journal, ‘Powers’ will be available through the PlayStation Network itself. It’ll be like logging in to Netflix, but it’ll come down direct from PSN. This is the plan for the United States, anyway. Internationally, Sony Pictures TV will be selling the rights to broadcasters.

"It's about having a broad range of broadcast content to replicate the live TV experience," said Andrew House, president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., which oversees the PlayStation unit.

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Of course, Microsoft were ahead of Sony on this, such is their desire to market the Xbox One as an all-in-one device – an angle that left many gamers feeling disenfranchised. Halo: The Television Series was announced at the Xbox One reveal event in May last year. The "premium" live action show - with Spielberg on board to executive produce and video game developer 343 Industries heavily involved – will undoubtedly garner a huge following due to the popularity of the game that precedes it.