Korea's LG Electronics announced today (Monday) that it plans to unveil a 55-inch TV set for the home using OLED technology at next month's Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Until now, the ultra-high-definition, ultra thin (3/16ths of an inch) OLED screens have only been available on relatively small sets that cost thousands of dollars more than sets with larger LCD or plasma screens. A 7.4-inch OLED set by Sony sells for about $3,500; Sony's 25-inch OLED monitor sells for about $6,600. LG did not indicate how much its 55-inch set will sell for or when it will become available at retail outlets. In the company's statement, James Fishler, head of marketing operations for LG, said, "This next-generation display will further strengthen LG's position as a true leader and trend-setter of the home entertainment industry. It is the TV of dreams."