Review of City Of Thieves Album by Sonic Boom Six

Review of Sonic Boom Six's album City Of Thieves

Sonic Boom Six City Of Thieves Album

From the musically rich city of Manchester, Sonic Boom Six are a five-piece (obviously) who are now releasing their third album on their own label. Having previously toured with the likes of Reel Big Fish and Less Than Jake, they spend May on a huge UK tour.

Their hometown may have produced umpteen indie and rock acts, but as the previously mentioned touring partners may have hinted, SBS opt for a punk-ska sound that actively encourages mosh pits to evolve to circle pits. Opener '(Welcome To) The City Of Thieves' is the perfect representation, built on a jungle beat it is effortlessly catchy, while 'A Bright Cold Day In April' is a blast of anthemic guitar. Other feet movers include 'Through The Eyes Of A Child' and the thrash-happy 'The Concrete We're Trapped Within (It's Yours)', which all reveal a social commentary that is perhaps easily lost within their energetic soundtracks. The slower reggae flavour of 'Rum Little Scallywag' makes it easier to decipher the tale of a man sent to prison, while the fantastic 'Strange Transformation' is a hip-hop tune that criticises those drunken louts found in every town and city every weekend. The combination of lyrical detail and catchy melody is the peak of an impressive record that displays much potential from SBS and is very much justification for the increased press interest in the band.

Alex Lai

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