Solange Knowles lashed out at her brother in-law Jay-Z in an elevator, after the Met Ball, while Beyonce looked on, that much we know for sure. But since the video spread like wildfire over the internet on Monday, the rest of the story has been harder to piece together. What caused the argument, are Beyonce and Solange still speaking and what about the famous couple’s marriage? This is one story which has thrown up far too many questions and not enough answers.

Beyonce and husband Jay-Z Met BallBeyonce and Jay-Z on the Met Ball red carpet

What caused Solange to attack Jay-Z?

It’s the million dollar question, but so far no clear answer has been given. Still, speculation seems to be centring around two theories, both of which might or might not be the answer. The New York Daily News has reported that Solange became angry at her brother in-law because he was getting “too close” to designer Rachel Roy. The paper also claims that Jay-Z told the Knowles’ sisters he would be attending Rihanna’s after party alone and that triggered Solange’s elevator outburst. Of course there’s also the story that Solange had been harbouring resentment towards Jay-Z for some time because he hasn't been able to make her a star like her older sister. Neither theory has been proven yet.

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How is Bey and Solange's relationship?

After the elevator altercation Solange and her sister left in the same car, while Jay-Z rode off solo. The sisters were also reported to have attended Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland’s wedding together days after the incident. So everything’s good between them? Well maybe not, because once the video was leaked Solange appeared to go on an Instagram cull removing all but one of her pictures with Beyonce. But now Beyonce has uploaded four pictures of herself with Solange, though none appear to be recent shots.

What about Beyonce and Jay-Z?

They’re the most powerful couple in hip hop and they’re going on tour together this summer, but the incident has caused speculation about their rmarriage. On the night the video was leaked the couple attended a basketball game together and looked as loved up as ever as they sat courtside. But now some outlets are reporting that Bey looks to be having the IV tattoo on her wedding ring finger removed due to the ink seemingly looking a lot lighter these days. From the pictures it’s pretty hard to tell, but it’s worth noting that tattoos can fade on their own, especially ones on the hand, so it could be a simple case of Bey needing her ink touched up.

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Who leaked the video?

We don’t know the name of the Standard Hotel employee who leaked the video, but we do know they're no longer in employment. A spokesperson for the hotel has said “"The Standard has already terminated the individual and will now be pursuing all available civil and criminal remedies.” Whilst they might now be unemployed, we’re guessing they probably made enough money off that tape to dodge the breadline for a few months at least.

Solange KnowlesSolange has removed Instagram pics with her sister while Beyonce has uploaded more

So what do we know for sure?

Not a lot. Since the video leaked Solange, Jay-Z and Beyonce have all stayed tight lipped, but this story doesn't appear to be going away any time soon. Until someone can give a definitive answer on what happened it seems everything about this story is still open to speculation.

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