Ryan MCCombs' band was travelling after a concert in Des Moines when their vehicle skidded off the freeway, and the singer, who was in his bunk bed at the time of the crash, admits he feared for his life when the bus left the road.

In a post on Instagram.com, he writes, "At 4:33 AM the last thing you want to hear in your bunk is a combination of the driver yelling 'Hold on!!', the sound of the bus flying off of the highway and The Jake (tour manager) screaming like a 12-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert... all I can remember is gripping my pillow like it was going to save me from whatever was about to occur... No serious injuries... Just a bus full of a**eholes that for the most part are happy to be alive."

The accident comes just months after MCCombs, who also previously fronted Drowning Pool, was sidelined by a stroke last year (14).