Review of Stripper Single by Sohodolls

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Sohodolls Stripper Single

If you are picked up by Alan McGee, you must be on your way to be doing something right. Since the demise of Creation Records Alan McGee now runs Poptones Records, and unfortunately for them, Sohodolls now have a new home at Filthy Pretty Records.

Officially 'Stripper' is the third single to come from this quartet. The band are fronted by a female, don't let that put you sexist blokes out there off. From Goldfrapp, musically to Rachael Stevens vocally and then All electronic style bands out there that came out of the eighties. With mentioning Goldfrapp, if you like them, then Sohodolls will blow you away, they have that something different and that something extra. I think there is a fresh feel about this band I don't think Alan McGee was so far off the mark.

Mark Moore

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