Actress Sofia Vergara is urging Americans to dig deep this Christmas (10) and donate cash to help residents in Colombia, which is experiencing its worst winter weather since records began.
The Modern Family star was a guest on The Late Show With David Letterman earlier this week (begs20Dec10) and she used her appearance to issue a plea for aid in her native country.
Colombia has been battered by storms and extreme winter weather conditions in recent weeks, and Vergara is backing an appeal to raise $6 billion in aid money to help the nation recover.
She says, "It's the winter and actually I'm sad to say Colombia is going through the worst winter in history. It's been two million people who have been victims of this winter, flooding - $6 billion of damages.
"Maybe if somebody wants to give a little gift to Colombia they could go to my website and to the Red Cross, log in and give a little donation... there's been $6 billion in damages so we need to start rebuilding..."