Kim Kardashian might have sparked another wave of celebrity babies!

Modern Family star Sophia Vergara might be starting a family of her own. Earlier this week it was revealed by the National Enquirer that the actress and her fiancé Nick Loeb are expecting a baby with a surrogate mother. The Colombian-born star already has one son, Manollo, 20, from her first marriage and this will be her second child. Apparently, Sophia is trying to do everything right, and has chosen the surrogate very carefully – her closest and healthiest friend. How lucky that that’s the same person!

Sophia Vergara

Sophia Vergara, Screen Actors Guild Awards

Sophia Vergara 

Mom to be Sophia Vergara Stuns at Golden Globes Afterparty

The publication also reported that the family had quite a scare recently, when the surrogate was rushed to the hospital for a supposed miscarriage. ‘Sofia’s surrogate had developed pain and went to the hospital, fearing that she was going to have a miscarriage,’ the source claimed. The incident occurred on February 22nd, while Sophia and Nick were having dinner at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood. The couple rushed to the hospital immediately after learning the news, but luckily everything turned out alright in the end. fter several hours, it was determined that the baby was fine, and so was the surrogate mom,’ the source added. ‘Sofia thanked God that everything was OK.’ The baby shower is still on!